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Guide to Buy

We would hate for you to miss out on purchasing the best value car parts and accessories on the web in Ireland, so watch the above video and/or read below our handy tips for shopping on the site. We've worked hard to come up with the fastest, most accurate and easiest process of product selection for you.



Directly underneath our logo, you will find our menu tabs. It’s an extensive menu and a large selection of parts, accessories and tools are featured here. All you do is find the one that matches what you need and click on it. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, then look for closely matched items and click on ‘More’, at the end of the section. This will bring you a page with all the items in that section. When you have located your item, click on the box. 


When selecting a Car Part from the menu tab you will be brought to a page to enter you vehicle details (if they're not already entered). 
OR, you can fill in your vehicle details in the Parts Finder box and click go. Either way you will be shown a menu page of car parts where you can browse the list or enter your part in the filtering section. Select your requirement and the part listed for your vehicle will appear….like magic.


Search by terms

At the top beside our logo, you will find our search box. You can type in any word of your choice. This is a ‘free search’ and is useful when you’re not sure exactly what the item you want to find is called, or you can’t see it in our menus. Our search will present you with word relevant categories and a listing of word related products.


Search by Part Number

Enter a Parts manufacturers number in our search box at the top of the page, and if it's on file it will be presented to you on a results page. Because some manufacturers use the same numbers we have had to place a prefix on some items to avoid where possible presenting you with an incorrect item, so check the description of the resulting item. For example to find a KYB Strut number 343431 you will need to enter K343431. If you would like us to quote you on any number you are unable to find simply forward the number to us on our Contact Page.

Search by registration

Below our logo and the menu tabs, you’ll see our Part Finder box and a spot that says "Enter your car registration", do so and click go to find all parts that match your car. This is by far the best way to search for a car part. Just enter your details in the box and let our ultra-efficient system work its magic to show you the parts that match your car exactly.Enter a description in the filtering box at the top of the list displayed and click on the part when presented.


Search by make and model

While it’s handy to have your car registration number memorised, we understand that in between storing card numbers and PIN numbers, it’s not always possible to remember your car registration. That’s why there’s an extra search option which allows you to enter car make, car model, sub-model, engine type and year, then click go.

This search will give you the main options for your car, but you will have to read through to ensure you purchase the exact parts for your particular car.


Advanced Search


At we want to ensure that you get the exact part you’re looking for with the least amount of effort or hassle. 


While the Registration / Vehicle Details Part Finder will return products specifically designed for your manufacturer and model, the additional Advanced Search filters (located on the left colum of the results) offer users the chance to narrow their results further still within the category chosen.


Filters include Brand, Position (i.e. Front, Rear), Body Style (Estate, Hatchback, Salon, Coupe etc), Products (by Brand, Price) and Description. 


Since your options will be different based on your search and the filters you've already used, you won't see all the options every time. Simply select one or more filters and we’ll do the rest. Easy! 


Need extra help choosing

If you’re unsure of which to choose, on the bottom left-hand side, you’ll find a handy little box ‘Need help? Chat with us’. Type a message and our helpful team will dwindle down the choices.


Set up an account

You will need to Register an Account before purchasing (which you can do HERE). Just enter your details once and save them. You'll be automatically logged in once registered and good to go with your purchasing. From then on, each time you buy will take mere seconds. Just keep hold of your login details.

Helpful tip: When setting a password, choose something that you will remember, but use capitals and numbers. That way it’s nice and secure.

If you are experiencing any issues using our website, contact us.


It's always recommended that you clear your Browsers Cache before registering and making financial transactions - you can learn more HERE.